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The motion photography capture system

TriggerSmart is used to capture motion which can be easily connected to most digital SLR cameras. Triggersmart is the first of its kind to be an affordable motion photography solution for both amateur and professional photographers. The motion capture system enables the user to capture near impossible images easily without compromise, have a look at the gallery to view how photographers are using the TriggerSmart.

By using the TriggerSmart, the camera or video device is triggered by the infrared beam, light or sound sensor. The TriggerSmart is extremely easy to use and can easily be adjusted to any situation required. The TriggerSmart feature sensitivity, delay, time and trigger mode controls and also give you the option of manual or auto re-load (arm) camera focus. TriggerSmart offers an impressive and affordable range of accessories to further enhance its capabilities.

Available is the TriggerSmart kit that includes the TriggerSmart controller, a set of sensor modules, two mini tripods, cables required and four AA batteries. The TriggerSmart wildlife kit is also available with additional items such as stakepods and waterproof covers. The TriggerSmart is powered by four AA batteries or by an external AC supply.

TriggerSmart is only limited by your imagination!

"TriggerSmart is part of the PDS group and is a UK manufacturer and supplier of electronic products to the photographic and allied industries. The Company can boast a record of continuous design & innovation that spans over two decades. Today, it still offers unique products of uncompromising quality coupled with a highly competitive pricing policy."

Paul Berkeley - PDS Group MD

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